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RSC Design System

Transforming the digital landscape of the Royal Society of Chemistry with a modular and flexible design system

About the project

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is a scientific organisation with a dedicated mission to advance the chemical sciences and promote knowledge and education in this field. They support researchers, educators, and professionals in chemistry-related disciplines, fostering collaboration, innovation, and the application of chemistry to address global challenges. The RSC also plays a vital role in advocating for the importance and impact of chemistry in society, while providing resources, publications, events, and initiatives to benefit the scientific community and the wider public.

The RSC is in the midst of a digital transformation, embracing innovative technologies to enhance its digital presence. However, one of the challenges the RSC faces is that they manage a vast array of websites and platforms, each of which was designed separately. During the initial audit of this digital landscape, it became apparent that an extensive degree of design inconsistency existed. Elements such as buttons, cards, fonts, and colours lacked a standardised and harmonious approach, which made navigating the digital landscape and interacting with all its digital websites and platforms incredibly challenging for users. To address this disjointed user experience, the RSC embarked on a crucial aspect of their digital transformation: the implementation of a comprehensive design system.

The RSC Design System was built to be modular, flexible, and highly accessible. It was essential that the design system offered feasibility of implementation across multiple content management systems, and supported a variety of mobile and desktop screen sizes. 

In addition to driving improvements in quality and supporting the overall programme of Digital Transformation, the RSC Design System also enables consistency and facilitates efficient collaboration in the design and development of digital products both inside and outside the RSC. Detailed guidelines and documentation were delivered alongside an extensive UI library in Figma so that the in-house digital team would be able to expand the Design System in the future.

This project was done under employment of Unthinkable Digital. During this project my role included: problem identification, research, concept development, UX and UI design, evaluation and iteration, and delivery.

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